Welcome to SonicBass Records, established in 2014, we are an independent record label with Roots based in South Africa and the United Kingdom and our branches spread across the entire planet as we sign new music from artists and creatives worldwide every single day. 

Our Story starts in 2014, when two High School Students with a bonded passion for Music, on different sides of the World decided to team up and create a platform to promote the unknown artists they loved. 

Dovydas Venslovas based in the United Kingdom and Ilyas Shamoon Based in South Africa are the founding fathers of SonicBass Records and its various entities.

Currently SonicBass is Independent and Run by these two individuals, however …  

We are in the process of finding more amazing individuals to adopt into our ever growing family. Watch this space as we update it in the coming months with faces behind the people bringing you amazing releases EVERY WEEK.