What is SonicBass Records?

Started by Ilyas Shamoon (A7rium / WNT MOR) and Dovydas Venslovas (BassTime Radio, Swansea, UK), It is an Indie Digital Recording Label and Company that has been proudly releasing music from Artists all over the globe for the past 5 Years and forward!

We have worked with dozens of Artists that have even managed to progress onto bigger and better labels! We want to be the stepping stone to new opportunities and that has always worked in our favor!

So if you are an avid music fan or a prominent, upcoming muso, SonicBass is your home! After hustling for over 5 Years now! We are here to stay! So feast your ears, dabble in our wide – ever growing – music catalog and enjoy!

If you want to help us out during these hard times, feel free to drop us a donation below 🙂

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